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Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 New Deviant Lipsticks

I have just added 3 new shades to the Deviant lipsticks!

(there was going to be 4 but after looking at the pictures #4 was a little patchy so I will re-work the formula)

Stormy is an unusual silvery purple base with a green shift that looks anything from grayed purple with green shimmer, metallic lilac with shifts of green to a storm of purple, green and blue.
It will change depending on the lighting and skin tone.
Can you see why I chose the name?
Stormy is priced a little higher due to the amount of shifting colorant it takes to make this as gorgeous as it is. I wish pictures showed it's shift better. $1.50 for sample size and $5.00 for full size tube.

Caged Gypsy is a new formula I have been working on and the first of a new
series of "suede" finished Deviant lipsticks. It is a matte finish, it has no shiny or gloss, but since this does have shimmer I know some do not consider that matte so I'm calling it suede.
Caged Gypsy is a beautiful glowing rose shade that is very hard to describe as it looks so very different depending on your skin tone yet it so far compliments every tone I've seen it on.
You can see The Art Is Makeup's Swatches HERE
And Miss Jupiter of The Girl with the Shapely Wheels (I love her blog name) HERE
As well as mine above and on the site to see how it changes to suit it's wearer.
Why the name Caged Gypsy? It makes me think of a beautiful and free spirited woman that even in a cage cannot be contained or tamed.

Last is a by request shade that has alluded me for a while
Devious Virtue is a Nude lip color with a soft pink violet undertone that makes it work well with most skin tones and is rich enough in pigment to even block out my natural dark lip pigmentation.
You can see my natural lip color at the very edge of my top lip (I used a clear lip liner which I don't think is really needed) There is a very subtle gold shimmer that I can only see in direct sun.
It photographed more pink than it is in real life. Honestly it nearly matches my skin color.
The name "Devious Virtue" is very simple. the definition of devious is- Departing from the correct or accepted way. The definition of Virtue is- Behavior showing high moral standards. Sometimes going against what is by the normal standard considered right IS the moral thing to do. So a play on words that some might take as calling one immoral is truly an explanation of a different way of being of high moral standards.
I may not always spell them correctly but I have an abnormal love and understanding of words.

Samples of Caged Gypsy and Devious Virtue are $1.25 and full size tubes are $4.25


  1. I love Stormy and Caged Gypsy! Cant wait to get my last order from you :)

  2. Thank you Lillian! I do believe it will be shipping Tuesday. :o)

  3. Oh my lordie LOVE the new colors <3

  4. Caged Gypsy is GORGEOUS! And look at you paving the way with new products! And I think Suede is the perfect name for the finish. I can't wait to see what others you come up with!

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower and really like your lip stuff...I guess I'm gonna check some swatches here and there and make a wishlist so that I can place an order after summer holidays :)

  6. I just ordered some lip stuff from you and then I noticed the new form makes ö look weird in it :P Well you probably get my name from PayPal anyway :D Can't wait!

  7. All of these shades look gorgeous - most unusual too!


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