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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random New pretties

I have added a few colors that I had to hold off on for reformulating because I'm picky.

2 New Spectrum pots
Fiery Eyes Spectrum pot is a fire red with pink shimmer, it is Limited edition for Fall/Halloween.
This one is not vegan, it does contain Carmine. (Which also makes it a wee bit more expensive)
Hfb Spectrum pot (Hooray for boobies....long story)
Hfb is a shimmering nude beige perfect for neutral looks and daily wear.

Danger sox Eyeshadow is a core color.
A gorgeous deep red merlot metallic with multicolor shimmer.
Danger Sox was inspired by the amazing Frances Danger and her awesome socks
Hardcore Lips- Deception is a pink toned nude with golden shimmer
(Thank you Nymphette for your pictures)
Hardcore Lips- Robot Love is a clear base with silver shimmer and holographic glitter
and is scented with cupcakes!
Left: Robot Love alone   Right: Robot Love over Bane
Robot Love was made for Christie because she is a yummy cupcake!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


  1. wauwie *adds them to the ES wishlist;)*

  2. wow, and even posted on my bday....might have to invest some of my bday money in your company ;)

  3. ....just added fiery eyes and danger sox sample to my very first order :D

  4. Love the new colors! I can't wait to place my next order! :)


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