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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upadtes and TAT

Just a few updates on the goings on of Evil Shades

First the current TAT (turn around time) is temporarily 5-7 business days
due to a shipment of defective sample containers. I am currently waiting on a new shipment that should be here by next Monday and have ordered a small amount from a more expensive supplier that is quicker and those should be here tomorrow.

Hardcore lips tubes will be changing to a new tube in September.
I will be selling off the last of the original tubes and then the new tubes will start. The new tubes hold the same amount of product so there will be no price increase. The new tubes are skinnier and longer than the current and I am so happy that the doe-foot applicator reaches the very bottom of the tube.

I will also be removing the Ingredients page as soon as I get the ingredients lists set in each individual color/product listing. So it will be easier to find the information and less confusing, I hope.

And there will be lots of new colors coming for Fall!


  1. super excited for the new colors!

  2. I just got my latest purchase yesterday! Will you be having oranges for the fall?


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